The generational cycle of addiction that often compromises healthy brain development of unborn babies needs to be understood and addressed in order to reverse damage done to their developing brains.

Prenatal substance abuse continues to be a significant problem in this country and poses important health risks for the developing fetus. Addressing prenatal substance exposure includes prevention, identification of exposure, recognition of medical issues for the exposed newborn infant, protection of the infant, and follow-up of the exposed infant. for the most common drugs involved in prenatal exposure: nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

Our goal is to stimulate and awaken brain activity that has been slowed by prenatal drug exposure. Often these innocent young children enter into Kindergarten and first grade unable to learn on peer level. Indiana as well as many other states, take a head count of how many children flunk out of third grade to project out how many future prison cells will be needed due to illiteracy.

Early prevention and prompt intervention will make all the difference!

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As long as addictions to opioids & other illicit drugs persist, their souls will long for freedom.