We believe that change is possible and can happen against all odds. We will transform the lives of drug-exposed newborn infants and young children who are born to drug dependent mothers.

  • Our crisis nurseries will be a family-centered alternative to foster care

  • Transforming babies’ futures by awakening brain activity with holistic therapies

  • Connect families with agencies for ongoing support to break generational cycles

Join Abba’s Embrace as we endeavor to transform the lives of future generations.

I was born to parents who struggled with addiction. As a result, I suffered through many years of severe abuse and neglect. At the age of seventeen I was kicked out of my house, and I vowed that I would never become like my mom or marry someone like my dad and that my children would never go through what I did.

As determined as I was, I still made bad choices. At 18 years old I got married and we had 5 children together. Sixteen years later, we divorced. I was awarded sole custody of our children and my ex was court ordered to have limited, supervised visitation.

It was a long, rough journey of healing and restoration. It wasn’t easy, but God was so faithful towards me & my five children. I was so thankful and I wanted to give back, so I kept asking God how I could serve Him. One day, He answered me, saying “Go take care of my crack-babies” I honestly didn’t even know what a crack-baby was. This answer to prayer happened over 20 years. I began researching and preparing to answer my call. I can’t even imagine how much more difficult life must be for babies who are born hooked on drugs.

I have become an ordained chaplain to effectively steward a solution for this growing epidemic that has been plaguing our communities. Birthing this compassionate outreach has been a labor of love…and it has been a long time coming.

My purpose & calling is to stop the generational cycle & hopelessness caused by drug addiction. My hope is that others may trust me to help lead the way towards helping the last, the least and the lost. Let’s unite together to help transform the innocent lives of drug-exposed children born in Indianapolis. May no child ever be left behind again!

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Barbara Joyce • Founder, Abba's Embrace


Drug addiction cuts across all ethnic, geographical, economic & societal segments of America. Some are young mothers who’ve made bad choices, others are born to mothers who by no fault of their own became addicted to legally prescribed opioids & other controlled substances.


Early intervention and prevention of babies born hooked on drugs. We will help one child at a time reach their full potential by utilizing a holistic approach from the effects of the drugs ingested in utero by reversing the damaging effects the chemical substances had on their developing brain and body.


Our mission is to be an alternative to foster care by partnering with area programs. We will connect these fragile families with placements into transitional housing, counseling and oversight. This will help them to gain parenting skills, counseling, life & job skills for a promising future for their families.


Our holistic diet will help strengthen their fragile, growing bodies and minds. Also, many of these children who have been exposed to drugs prenatally may have damage to their developing brains. By stimulating brain activity to “wake up’ they will learn on peer level giving them better outcomes for a bright future.


As long as addictions to opioids & other illicit drugs persist, none of us can truly rest. Get in touch today to start making the difference.