Each year, women in the United States give birth to nearly half a million babies who have been dangerously exposed to illicit drugs in utero. These newborn infants are more likely to be born prematurely and have low birth weight as well as other medical complications at birth.

Our approach is to be an alternative to Foster Care. Addict mothers and fathers are more likely to enter into rehabilitation when they have a safe place that will care for their children. The main reason these parents hide the truth of their addictions is because they fear losing custody of their children. By opening our Crisis Nursery , babies will no longer have to linger in the NICU or hospitals until a suitable Foster Care placement can be found. This will save society a tremendous amount of tax revenue each year.

Abba’s Embrace is developing Crisis Nurseries to help reverse the effects these fragile babies and young children have been exposed to.

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As long as addictions to opioids & other illicit drugs persist, their souls will long for freedom.