Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) babies are born to drug dependent mothers from all walks of life. Drug addiction cuts across all ethnic, geographical, economic and societal segments of America. Some are young mothers who’ve made bad choices. Others are born to mothers who by no fault of their own became addicted to legally prescribed Opioids and other controlled substances.

Some babies come from the poorest areas of the inner cities where dependence on the state is generational, while still others come from families who live, work and function in our communities.

What they all have in common is an innocent newborn child that was exposed to drugs who is suffering through the withdrawal process and harmful effects the drugs had on their developing brain and body.

Addressing prenatal substance exposure includes identification & recognition of the medical issues for the exposed newborns. Protection and follow up are vital for these infants regarding the most common drugs involved in prenatal exposure including crack cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, opioids, cocaine, meth amphetamines, etc…

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As long as addictions to opioids & other illicit drugs persist, their souls will long for freedom.